Our Ethical Policy

Pride Voyager is a social enterprise with a simple mission - to provide a safe and supportive environment for the LGBT community.

We're more than aware that it's not always easy being part of this community and sometimes members might need help from others. That's why the only ads you'll see here are for like-minded charities. We don't charge anything to carry these ads, they're simply there to raise awareness should you, or one of your friends, need their help.

In the same way, we don't take a commission for any product sold through the site. Like everything else, they're simply here for your benefit.

While we're on the subject of support, we hope Pride Voyager will be a place where you feel comfortable sharing opinions and raising issues. Of course you won't always agree on everything all the time but we do ask that you respect one another. If we come across, or are told of, any bullying, aggression or harassment we will take action and, if necessary, remove offenders' memberships.

On a lighter note, you will see over time that we are huge animal lovers here at Pride Voyager and there are two charities that are particularly close to our hearts: David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and Game Rangers International. We are committed to supporting them through fundraising so keep an eye out for our exclusive offers where all the money raised will go straight to these charities.